Reasons Why You Should Love House Martell


  • gender equality
  • you can have sex with anyone you want and no ones gonna judge you
  • bastards arent treated like shit
  • the highborns can marry commoners and no one gives a shit
  • its sunny all the time in dorne
  • their fighting style is like 104% badass-er than everyone else
  • oberyn martell is one hot piece of ass
  • they stand against westeros’ blatant rape culture
  • their house words should be im sexy and i know it

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This would look nice on my arm.



So apparently consuming blood is illegal in Louisiana

How much blood did people have to drink before it was banned?


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I had a short talk with ma and she was like “WTF WHEN I WAs your age I had been in love with 3 different people” and to that I replied “I don’t like anyone that much ma, I haven’t yet met anyone who fascinates me that I am also attracted to.” She thought that was fair, since she agrees with me on that it’s difficult to meet someone interesting and worth being friends with. 

Anyway, that made me think, and I finally admitted it to myself: I hardly ever am attracted to anyone physically or psychologically. 

I wish I had the courage to just be myself, fully myself.

I think I pretend to like people (in a platonic way or not) to make them feel good. Like I don’t want to ruin their day by telling them to fuck off because they’re boring me when in reality it’s what I REALLY want to say…

I’m a pretty horrible person in my head, but I don’t care, yet I care enough not to let it slip out of my head and into my mouth. 

It’s the constant fucking dilemma; either I’ll be honest and inconsiderate of others’ feelings, or I’ll be nice and not myself.


So good #thewalkingdead #daryl #season5 #carol #caryl

oh my god this scene completely broke me apart
i am so happy 

The Walking Dead is always fucking good. They don’t do bad seasons, hell they don’t do bad episodes. Shit. It’s so fucking amazing.

Kraków, Poland
Kraków, Poland