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I want a poster of this movie.

I want a poster of this movie.

I should be packing.

Instead I’m watching Return of the Living Dead: Part II. The previous one is so much better.

Interview with the Vampire <3

Interview with the Vampire <3


:O jared in underwear

yes please

Oh my God it smells like my dad is smoking weed o.O

reblog if you like to watch horrors alone in the dark



I started writing down what I dream about and last night in my dream I was shopping with imaginarymonsters7 , then we were at some pub and she introduced me to some guy called Alex, and I said I need to go to the toilet, and the moment I walked into the toilet I woke up and actually really needed to pee.

I like how my bladder communicates with me through dreams.

That’s a special relationship you have…very special. Cherish it. But more importantly….did I look good in the dream?

You looked hella good, my friend. Hella hot! 


Rutina chats about her new movie that came out “13 Sins” and True Blood Season 7.